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Hubs, Directories & Catalogues? (Blog Topic) posted by Sally (Admin)
Posted By : Sally  28th, November 2012
Online Catalogues, Directories, Hubs or Portals
Would you like one to house a community of websites?
Access your branded directory from your cell phone and collectively market it to customers.
Your online directory could be:
An online suppliers guide for a niche market.
eg A brick and mortar Shopping Mall, an association of businesses etc
  • The Yellow Pages offer advertising space within a book that has a Yelow Pages branding.
  • Fridge door cards, mini booklets and flyers list local services such as schools, doctors, handymen etc.
  • Associations propose and recommend the services of their members.
  • Communities collectively market themselves as tourist destinations.
Online Malls
You get to own the directory "cover" to brand your way
(It's a click build process - no coding needed - complete with automated account administration)
and you get the complete individual site builder software. It's a 100% duplicate of this site.
Our system offers an opportunity:
It's very affordable for communities with only a few dozen participants and
it can be a business opportunity for a hub owner.

Hub owners decide if the listed websites must carry the hub branding or not.

  • Individual websites can be independent or they can offer links back to the hub.
  • It can be like being listed in a telephone book.
  • You can be found in the telephone book but to link back to the telephone book from your site you need to place the link on your website.
Alternatively, you may see it as like being in a Shopping Mall.
  • Each shop is an independent entity with their own address and they manage and stock their own shops.
  • As each shop in the mall promotes their presence in the mall so the mall will attract more and more people and collectively all will benefit from the passing trade.
You get to brand your own online directory your way.
 Collectively market your organisation and drive traffic to a central website where customers can use the search engine or browse by way of the alphabetical directories for websites, stores or products.
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You will be amazed at how affordable a Hub can be.


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