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Welcome to the Webo Directory


We are Solution Engineers with a focus upon Advanced Content Managers
        that Enhance Content Presentation within our suite of
Directories, Communicators and Site Builders.
( Our Communicators are also known as Contact Lists and or Pocket Advisors)
On the web Content is King and Presentation is Queen.
Well presented content is read and is shared.
Registration is essential to contain spam.
Webo is a full-service media creation, digital marketing platform, a business performance coaching consultancy that arguably provides the most comprehensive directory site builder in the world.
Our Directory offers free and VIP listings that are custom designed to drive traffic to your websites. If you do not have a website you can subscribe to our eBusiness Bundle to create websites, blogs, Mobi website apps, agile surveys, online meeting rooms and more. We provide our clients with professional support and solutions.  Our eCommerce bundle will spoil you with variation management, product spreadsheet uploads, digital as well as physical product sales and managed auctions plus more. Websites without active digital marketing enablers will not be found. Our eMarketing Bundle offers coupon campaigns to attract, loyalty programmes to retain, reputation and referral marketing to grow your business.
We can supply, on a DIY or Built-For-You basis, a vast range of content marketing enablers across the full eBusiness, eCommerce and eMarketing spectrum.


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The Webo SaaS Bundle Option
is Mannually activated after Option 6
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We are an International Directory

that seeks to consolidate African Business

for presentation to the world.

Select an option above to about our operations in South Africa, Kenya and in Uganda.

Download the Mobi Directory
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Use it to Search Keywords, Browse by Category
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Webo has seven divisions
Each with a focus on a specialist area of the Digital Platform.
1.  This Directory: Browse & search listings.
2. Webo Hubs: Knowledge mgt for franchisors, professions, etc. Phone access to office files.  Read More
3. Webo Sites: Click built websites, stores (auction, fixed price and classifieds), blogs (integrated with social media), etc. How To notes for DIY builds or we build 4 U. Read More
4. Webo Link & List Communicators: Mobi Apps with one click content communication for meeting packs, sales brochures, corporate lists, stock schedules, etc. Read More
5. Webo Meetings Communicator: Online meeting admin. and online content reading rooms integrated with online video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants. Read More
6. Webo Vouchers: Digital coupon and voucher marketing. Print & present or redeem on the phone app. Read more
7. Webo WhatsGood Contact Lists: Button bookmarked contact lists on phone home screens or on PCs. Read More
We also offer site builders and social media wizards business opportunities join us and add value as a Distributor or as a Neighbourhood Marketer.
Webo supplies the use of software which is supplied as a
DIY SaaS (Software as a Service) product or it can be Built For You (B4U).
All seven divisions are supported by the Webo Academy who main all support channels, coaching, training and webinars.
The Webo Academy is committed to your build success.
Once you have registered for a listing and or a website, store, etc you will be able to access your Member's Portal. On the right, in your Administration Panel, there is a  How To Tips panel at the foot of the page. These How To Tips panels deal specifically with how to build that page. In other words, we have broken up the implementation manual and present it on a page by page basis. 
Directory Marketing starts with a free listing. The first upgrade is free if you introduce a friend on a listing page by completing a Mention-Me form.
Most importantly, for those new to site building, is to follow the Getting Started Guidelines and then to follow up with getting the site built. Set out below are options that you can click to open.
The following Getting Started Guidelines are suggested. Before you start, please read the guideline related to your objective. 
Essential Reading:
The Webo Academy
Looking For Loyalty Programme Marketing Ideas?
​​Need More Help?
Social Media Tip
Go to your Facebook Application settings and select Twitter. You will see the App privacy section. Select "Friends" as the sharing option from the drop-down menu and your Facebook friends should now be able to see your Tweets.
Our mantra; You drive and we build. Most importantly we are here to navigate your build and we are committed to your build success. Should you have time constraints, please contact us, as we offer a complete "built for you" option.
We enable browsing by Business Category & Deal and our free listings on the
is where to get started with a listing.
Yellow Pages
refers to a telephone directory of businesses, organized by category rather than alphabetically by business name, and in which advertising is sold. The directories were originally printed on yellow paper, as opposed to white pages for non-commercial listings. The traditional term yellow pages is now also applied to online directories of businesses. We use the term to Yellow Pages Listings to refer to our Free Listing Pages that offer static contact information that traditional directories offer. We have enhanced our free listings to include book forms, social media links, image galleries and other surprises. Our Free Yellow Pages Listings will exceed your expectations, but our Featured Listing Upgrades will simply amaze!
We offer an Online Browser for "What's Local" as well as Keyword Search
The PC / Phone Preferred Supplier Downloads  are "tap to dial" lists that can be viewed offline.
Promote service delivery & rate suppliers or see what others say!
Suppliers of Goods and Services
Once you have a free Listing
you can upgrade to
who can also add web pages, websites and or online shops.
This Directory and Site Builder is built and is managed by Webo (Pty) Ltd
Use is subject to our
which are to be found at the foot of our Directory pages as are details of our
Address: P O Box 746, Cramerview 2060
E-mail: sally@webo.directory
Office Hours: Internet hrs 24/7
Sally Cell: 066 307 1938  
The Directory and Site Builder Copyright is held by Webo.
Contact Us For info about our Freelance Sales Opportunities.

If you have any queries or questions feel free to contact us.

We would be happy to attend to your request.


Should you be intending to

Report Offensive Content

  please provide as much information as you can so that we will be in a position to expedite attention to the matter.


Should you seek assistance with getting listed,

please contact sally@webo.directory or one of our

Sales & Marketing Consultants

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