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Demo School with the Link a List Communicator
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Brain Clinic
Brain Clinic cc is offering you an opportunity to join our franchise by buying a complete package deal with all the equipment and accessories required to enable you to become the owner of your own Brain Clinic, School of Study...........
Brain, Study, Learning, learning system, Scientific Learning Systems, study system, brain profile, profile, profiling, brain clinic, Unique Learning Profile
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Brescia House School
Brescia House School is an independent, Catholic, day school for girls from grade 0 to grade 12. While it prepares Catholic learners for growth within the Catholic faith, it accepts and welcomes learners from other faith groups an..........
primary school in johannesburg, secondary school in johannesburg, primary school, secondary school, johannesburg secondary school, johannesburg primary school
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Creative Minds Computer Training
Creative Minds® is generally seen as the largest training organization of its kind in Southern Africa. We are a South African Group who produces our own world class tutorials to the standards set by the ISETT SETA (IT Training) an..........
franchised, own business, venture, franchise, invest, investment, business, entrepreneur, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, intrapreneur, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, enterprise, enterprise, free enterpris
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Our vision and mission is to enable each DRUMKiD to nurture an everlasting passion for music and embrace and enjoy all the positives that can impact on so many areas of their life as children and as adults...........
music development programme, music development programme south africa, music development programme in south africa, south africa music development programme
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Earthkids Pre-Primary School
Our school caters for children from 18months – 5 years of age, we at Earthkids believe every child needs individual attention in a secure, constructive, social, loving and nurturing environment...........
education, school, day care, pre-primary, children from 18months – 5 years of age, educational school, music, art, colours, shapes and numbers,numerous books
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Edublox Reading and Learning clinic
Edublox is a reading and learning clinic where learners attend classes to develop and improve their reading and learning skills. Edublox brain-training clinics offer classes and programmes that improve reading and learning skills,..........
reading clinic, learning clinic, Reading and Learning clinic, Edublox
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GAP Entrepreneur
GAP Entrepreneur is the only business training company that takes young ambitious people and coaches them into successful business people. We are committed to building, raising and creating awesomely successful business people who..........
business training company, business training company south africa, business training company in south africa, south africa business training company
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Greenpeace Africa is the direct offshoot of a movement that began in 1971 with a group of people outraged by the US government’s intention to do nuclear testing at Amchitka, a tiny island off Alaska...........
environmental issues, greenpeace, environmental issues in South africa, south africa environmental issues
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Moms and Tots Workshop
The Moms and Tots Workshop Group was founded in 1992 by Petra Lester. Petra has two daughters, Derryn and Bronte. Petra started The Moms and Tots Workshop Group when her oldest daughter was only three months old...........
Moms and Babes Workshop, Moms and Tots Workshop, Jungle Tots, Moms and Babes Workshop in south africa, south africa Moms and Babes Workshop, Moms and Tots Workshop in south africa, south africa Moms a
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Stimulus Maksima
Our computer based educational concept was founded in 1990 in a small town, Coligny, in the North West province of South Africa by Lotta Engelbrecht. The concept became operational in 1995 and the first training centre started in ..........
earn how to read, learning to read, reading for children, reading skills, kids reading, early childhood development, early childhood education, kids education, strategies for reading, literacy educati
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Stock Market College
At Stock Market College we involve our clients in our business as Independent Business Owners through Multi-Level Marketing to generate additional funds to trade the market with greater capital...........
Stock market college, share trading, shares, buy and sell shares, online shares, buy shares, sell shares, share, share prices, Stock markets, stock market, market stock, invest, stock, stock t
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The Academy of Light
THE ACADEMY OF LIGHT offers a distance learning program, in a class of not more than 6 students. Each student has their own laptop in front of them and follows the lesson on-screen. The classroom is a democratic environment with..........
The Academy of Light, Rivonia, South Africa, learning, learning program
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We believe that successful and innovative brands require a combination of strategic intent and creativity, which is why we aim to incorporate wisdomwithmagic into everything we do...........
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Western College
Western College for Further Education and Training - your one-stop college for securing your future. We offer 1,2 and 3-year diplomas and training in many specialised fields. Start your future today - explore our options...........
westcol , wescol, western gauteng, west gauteng, wes gauteng, college, colleg
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