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Burlamien cattery
​ ABOUT US My husband, Lallie and I are great animal lovers. We've always had two or three felines and it was a silent dream for me to be able to be a breeder one day. We purchased our first ..........
Adopt, Kittens, Adopt Kittens, Cats, Burlamien Burmese cattery, Cattery
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Bushveld Bengal
My husband and I are both vetenarians and we got hooked on Bengals when we worked in England. When we came back to South Africa we were very disappointed to find that there are very very few bengals down here. I decided to import ..........
bengal, bengals, studs, ansie davies, queens, cat, cats, kittens, rosetted, breeders, south africa, pets, germany, USA, england, cattery
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Our Classifieds Section is by far the most popular and cost effective way of advertising kittens for sale, pet food, scratch polls and general items. The section currently receives an average of 2800 unique page views per month...........
kitty, kittens, kittycat, cat breed, cat breeder, cat photo gallery, classifieds, kitten, cats, cat, cat breeders, cat show, find cat, cat adoption, cat articles, find breed, cat for sale, cat breeder
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Pets Place
This website started off as an info site on breeds with photos of dogs, and is still growing. Many dog breeders sell ALL their puppies through Petsplace! Cat breeders too. Petsplace recommends registering puppies with KUSA...........
breeders, dog, dogs, puppy, puppies, dog breeders, taking care of pet,
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