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Starting,Costs,Domains,Hosting etc (Blog Topic) posted by Bob (Admin)
Posted By : Bob  28th, November 2012
Please see the 'Fees" tab at the foot of the page  for the full pricing schedule. 
There are no adverts on your website unless they are yours that are put there by you. Yes, we put no adverts on your website - not even one.
eCommerce Online Stores - FREE 14 DAY TRIAL
With the free trial you get the full Webo eCommerce website building capability to build a fully functional website, blog and online store or product showcase. When you click SUBMIT your website will be allocated two Webo internet addresses. One for the website and one for the online store. The time it takes you to build your website will largely be dependent upon the time it takes you to get your information ready. Building the website is "click box" easy. If you get stuck, take a tutorial on the home page or eMail us.The idea behind the FREE TRIAL is to enable you to test the "look and feel" possibilities. You can build draft website headers (many are 900 x 120) pixels that say, you have made with Microsoft Powerpoint and which you have cropped to the required maximum sizing. Maybe you are building the website for a friend and want them to go online and share their opinions with you.
Internet address costs (sub-domain fees), software usage and domain hosting fees. These are free.
You get the free use of your own automatically allocated Webo internet subdomain address and you do not pay for the hosting thereof. Well, it is all in the package price so it is "free" as there is no extra charge. To find the adresses login with your email address and password and go to the Member's Portal. In the example below the internet address is http://hubname.info/cardealer/  you can also use www.hubname.info/cardealer/  the word "cardealer" is the user name selected when setting up the website. The URL hubname.info is an eg - please look in your browser link area for the URL of your hub. It is important to note that the username cannot be changed as it is the website reference on the internet. In the same way you will find the address to access the online store/shop directly. Another way is to look in your browser header for the address. Here you will find the direct address of your website. Each page of your website has an individual address. If you want to access your website via a .co.za or other domain name address this is possible. See the website hosting packages for options. You can also use an existing website address for a webo website. Accessing your website via the Webo Home page search or browse functionality is there for buyers that do not have your direct address. It is akin to them finding you via a Webo information desk. You may also ( if you would like to) have another or a few  internet addresses. 
So, to summarise:
In addition to the above automatic address you have an option of another address as well.
  It's like having a P O Box and a physical address?
Webo is the National General Business Hub.
For a list of available hubs see www.eafrica.info
 eCommerce Website hosting fees
Login to your website, and go to Member's Portal then to Renew Membership. Here you will find a listing of all available packages.
Please do not hesitate to utilise the
tab should you have any queries.

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