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The secret to blogging success (Blog Topic) posted by Sally (Admin)
Posted By : Sally  28th, November 2012
What's the Secret to Blogging Success?
Oh dear! I do not know. There is no blogging rule book but I do have a few pointers or clues to share.
Blogging is a conversation; one sided conversations are a bore! So, when I chat I want to listen but I also want to share an idea or two.
That's right, it's about giving and receiving.
Yay, nothing new for a change! What do you think?
Nice of you to ask, so here goes; either you're introducing a topic or you're reponding to one; that's right; it's a conversation; leave room for responses; better still; encourage opinions; end with a question.
Mmm... Good question. I think it shows vulnerability and sincerity which draws others to the conversation.
Why is that?
Well, you want to build your audience, no you do not seek an audience you seek participation and the convergence of collective thought towards consensus.
Eish! You want all to agree with you?
Nope, most certainly not. Success is understanding the point of view of a broad based participative audience. When you know what they want you can meet their needs and grow your business.
Ok, so how do you get it?
You go blogging... but more to the point what do you think?
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