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Newsletter on PC's & Cell Ph's (Blog Topic) posted by Sally (Admin)
Posted By : Sally  28th, November 2012


We offer what we call a shared webpage.

In the VIP Listing Options you will find  > Setup: Shared Newsfeed Webpage

In the Website Site Builder you will find > Setup: Shared Webpage

The VIP Listing offers a shared webpage that will most likely be used as an auto-updating newsletter, event programme, sports log etc.  The Website Site Builder permits the building of multiple shared webpages that may be used for different purposes such as product manuals, newsletters etc.

A Shared Webpage is a defined webpage on your website that is in all respects a fully functional website page. This means that you could place a Google Calendar on it, maps, images, a newsletter, video, audio and or other content.

You can make it available to registered users and or you can password lock it so that it say, is a private newsletter.

Users need to subscribe to the auto-updating shared webpage by downloading it. the download is independently created so that the link can be from a text invitation or from an image. When the user clicks on the linked text or the image then this will place the file on the users PC or Cell Phone.

On the cell phone the user then simply taps the newsletter icon on their cell phone and it will link to the website and update the page before displaying the latest update of the page on the user's cell phone. If subscribed by the user on a PC the user can save the page wherever they wish to and when it is opened it too will be automatically updated before being displayed.

To build a shared webpage - you just type in the content, copy and paste content from "Word" etc, then click SUBMIT and the site builder will automatically do the rest for you.

Yip, it's just a 'click build" system and you can do it!

Full instructions are on the Site Builder.

Some Detail

The downloaded file is a web page - this means that it is allocated a name (usually this is a long number) by your browser. You may change the file name but do not change the .html file name extension.

Most Nokia phones offer the download as a bookmark on your phone.

iPhones offer the download as an ikon on your desktop.

The Samsung Galaxy III and the Note II require a few steps as follows:

Please start by downloading and installing Firefox (1)
Go to the website and download the Shared Webpage (2)
Locate the html calendar file under files then select download folder (3)
Click the html Shared Webpage file it will say open with, choose Firefox then select always(4)
The Shared Webpage will open, press menu button and bookmark the page(5)
Press on the link, a list of recent places will appear press and hold the first one and an option to place on the home screen will appear (6).

If you discover a short cut to placing html pages on your desktops please do post a response to this thread.


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