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Membership Fees

div style="text-align: center;">Membership Fees Are As Follows:

  • Webo offers a number of Information Directories that have Site Builder functionality.
  • Links to other Webo Divisions can be found at www.webodigital.webo.directory
  • Prices are subject to change from time to time without notice.
  • Further unlisted packages are available, some smaller, some larger, some with additional customisations etc.
Membership Package Pricing is as follows:
  • PC Directory Browsing, MOBI Directory downloads, Mobi List downloads and the use thereof is free.
  • Standard Directory listings are free. These are aka Free Directory Listings or Biz Pages.
  • After Registration you are granted a 14 day free trial.
  • We do offer promotions from time to time and to claim a deal you need to register your PROMO CODE at the time of registering for a 14 Day Free Trial.
  • Directory Listings that you build yourself are free for a period of 365 days. These then need to be renewed.
  • If you require assistance in building a Free Directory Listing then please CONTACT US.
  • There are "How To Tips" at the foot of each Site Builder option.
    • Select Member's Portal and then open each option in the Site Builder, read the "How To Tips" at the foot of each option and build your listing. There is a Getting Started Section in the Website Site Builder. Site Builders are supported by the Webo Academy see. https://academy.webo.directory
    • Be prepared to be amazed at the extent of the options.
    • Relax, you can build an awesome site with just a few of the content management options available and then, over time, you can return and add to the functionality of the site.
    • After you return the verification e-mail after registering for a free listing, webpage, website or online store your site will be live.
  • Note that Free Directory Listings have side and header adverts on the page.
  • Community projects, schools, hospitals, service clubs and NGO's may apply for website sponsorships.
  • With the Webo SaaS you get:
    • A Directory Domain > www.DirectoryName.info/yourusername/
    • Alternatively, your own .co.za, .com, .info etc domains may be used to direct traffic flow to the above "directory domain.".
    • Website Hosting and Site Builder: Hosting is included in the pricing and use of the site builder is free.
    • Link management: Linking to your choice of business or social partner websites with click through picture buttons.
    • Unlimited website link forwarding with personalised message management. Just load comma seperated eMail addresses from your subscribed customer listing, add a message and refer your customers to our website news etc
    • Website page bookmarking management: Click to enable users to easily bookmark your website for "many happy returns."
    • Website page print management. Click to enable web page printing that dispenses with clumsy incomplete page "print screen" routines. Easily enables page sharing.
    • Unlimited use of the Website Builder: Use it to build and or manage the content on your website without needing coding skills. If you can send an email and attach a picture you can build, edit and maintain a eGauteng.info Website. Why deal with a 3rd party to talk to your customers through an IT consultant/interpreter? Access your website from anywhere and instantly interact with clients and or edit your website! For IT wizards the auto generated coding sheets are but a click away. Yes, you have the best of both worlds to keep everyone happy!
    • Unlimited use of the template library and template editing tool: Possibilities are endless with the tool as you can edit baseline template headers, banners and backgrounds. Change the look and feel by inserting your own header, banner and background pictures, logo/picture overlays and text overlays. Set header, banner and background colours. You can add gif animation files to headers, banners and backgrounds. Background pictures can be tiled ( repeated) or not. It's all click box easy - just click to upload picture files, type in text, select options before previewing and then click to publish.
    • Website Blog or Discussion Forum management with comments quarantined pending your clearance or deletion. Blog file sharing management allows for uploading and downloading of doc, video, photo and other multi-media files to support attachments for two way web based conversations.
    • Website supports video player plug ins, photos and photo gallery plugins, google maps, many other widget plug ins,  flash files, gif animation files,  internal and external links, managed document uploads and downloads, forms fill pre-populated eMail to enable information gathering, contact us request management, managed partner links, etc
    • Search Engine Optimisation facilitation ( Meta title, description and keyword management)
    • Access to the SMS & eMail eMarketing platform. Unlimited use of the exciting Bulk eMail Builder that supports creative and eye catching eMarketing by enabling eMails to embed, video plug-ins, flash file animation, click to link through for response to action conversion, click to download file support etc. Use it to take your online customer service centre to your client base! (for Bulk eMail and Bulk SMS credits see below). Bandwidth and hard drive usage is subject to reasonable use guidelines that are subject to discussion and advisement.
    • 4 Communicator app builders; Reputation & Referral Marketing, WhatsGood, Link & List and the Meetings Communicator.
      • The Loyalty & Referral Marketing App is a reputation & referral marketing platform builder that offer every customer their own online loyalty account.
      • The Meetings Communicator has the Skype (for 25 people) and the FCC (for up to 1,000 people) video conferencing plugins.
Package Limitations
  • All references to unlimited options are subject to normal usage. Normal usage interpretation shall be made by a representative of Webo whose decision shall be final.
  • The features contained within any website package are unlimited and as such should normal usage be deemed to have been exceeded then upgrade packages are subject to a quote to be drawn against the provision of utilisation criteria.
  • Upgrades include menu options of a website picture gallery and flip book. Side panel enablers such as blogs with attachments activated or deactivated, online forms, newsletter feeds to PC's and cell phones, scroll boxes, video and PDF downloads are also included. These side panel enablers are unlimited in number and may be seperately password protected as may the website as a whole be password protected.
Website & Store Features Include:
  • "Click to Show" -  Window shopping: List products and services in unpriced classified item showcases.
  • “Click to Quote” - Complete quote request administration via prepopulated eMail response forwarding.
  • “Click to Order” - Checkout includes an automatically eMailed confirmation order being sent to the customer. Why not offer the convenience of online ordering for " bagged and ready" collection!
  • “Click to Buy” - Enabled via Cr Card, EFT and direct deposit transaction processing of fixed price listings.
  • “Click to Auction” on your online shop / showcase with complete online administrative follow-up support including reserve price and minimum bid administration.
  • "Click to Highlight" - Highlighting any products or services in a "top of page" highlighted specials showcase on your store home page is simply a matter of clicking the box!
  • 21 images per product or service? Think: front, back, side, close-up, colour options etc. Think: operating instructions. Think: pictures of customer (out the box/packet) usage applications. Think: wiring diagrams. Think: Component parts. Think guarantee cards. Think: Returns policies. Think: Local agent listings. Think: Product usage recipes. Think: Real Estate (houses for sale) - just think of the many doors that multiple images open for you.
  • Includes eCommerce back office order management and support with customers automatically being emailed confirmation orders detailing purchase orders including VAT no's where applicable.
  • You can set up delivery options. Specified charges are applied where applicable upon checkout including "no charge" COD delivery.
  • Shopping cart checkout includes acceptance of your defined policies/terms and conditions of sale.
  • Fully integrated payment administration via (My Gate - major credit cards), Paypal, EFT and direct deposit checkout management.
  • Search optimisation via specified product keywords.
  • Sales volume administration: Compete out of stock administration or sales volume counter.
  • All customers receive a BUYERS' PORTAL that mains a complete order history including purchase transaction records (statements) and order tracking for payment receipt and goods despatched notifications. How often are you asked for copies of transaction histry documents? Now it is all online and available 24/7!
  • Online risk management. No need for banking information provision on your website as the checkout process provides payment detail to eMail verified customers independently.
  • International and in-house trade: Full international product currency pricing options are available for setting store pricing to any currency. You can use this flexible functionality for quote administration re showcased goods and services. Alternatively you can even set up an "own store" or "club" currency for staff purchases with company voucher credits! Yes, you can set up a shop that takes and prices goods in your own eMoney!
  • Product category options management and third level store category specification and administration.
  • View orders from any location with internet access.
  • Manage, monitor and administer your online store from any location with internet access.
Other Options

Custom Website 
  • Custom websites are websites which may require design, project management and or extended development.
    • Pricing on application:    As per Quote
  • Coaching and On site Training:   Quoted by arrangement
Custom Domains
  • Custom domain acquisition and hosting pricing per annum varies: By arrangement and subject to availability domains may cost from R15 to a max of about R500.00+
  • Existing domain redirection: By arrangement advice on how to redirect an existing domain hosted elsewhere can be utilised     Rnil.
  • Domain name specials: Domain names are often offered at a discount for the first year thus the above quoted prices may be as low as USD 1.99
  • We prefer you to own your own Domain Name. Contact us before you purchase a domain and we will direct you to our service provider. If you use them then we can host your domain on our servers (it's a free service) without incurring transfer costs.

Sponsored Items ( PSW: Products/Stores/Websites)
  • PSW 200: The P,S or W will be displayed in the Sponsored Links section of a relevant Search Results page 200 times. R100.00
  • PSW 600: The P, S or W will be displayed in the Sponsored Links section of a relevant Search Results page 600 times. R240.00
  • PSW 1000   The P,S or W will be displayed in the Sponsored Links section of a relevant Search Results page 1,000 times. R300.00

  • B 200: The Banner will be displayed in the banner panel of the selected Directory admin pages 200 times. R200.00
  • B 600: The Banner will be displayed in the banner panel of the selected Directory admin pages 600 times. R550.00
  • B 1000: The banner will be displayed in the banner panel of the selected Directory admin pages 1,000 times. R900.00

By arrangement: Bulk SMS - 1 SMS credit equals one local SMS
  • 80 SMS for R36
  • 200 SMS for R90
  • 1000 SMS for R150
Bulk eMail - 1 eMail credit equals one eMail (Bulk emailing is only available by special arrangement)
  • 200 Email credits R15
  • 600 Email credits R45
  • 2,000 Email credits R150.00
Contract Duration and Notice
Further information
  • E-mail  sally@Webo.info
  • Tel: 071 50 71 400
Email Address:

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