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Who can list & how do I exhibit my Company on the MISASA DEAL FINDER

MISASA Quick Link
& Deal Finder Communicator

As you may know, MISASA launched the Online Expo a couple of years ago in support of suppliers that exhibited at the SHOWCASE that we held at Kitty Hawk. These listings have been revived but currently are outdated. We are working with our suppliers to get the listings updated and to offer you current DEALS. In addition we have created an online "APP" called the MISASA Communicator. It takes the form of a Bookmark BUTTON on your phone that you can tap to open and dial a selected suppliers' number, tap to Link to Read more and tap to find details of any highlighted DEALS. You can open the page and bookmark it by saving the page to your "homescreen." Each time you open the page it will open to the latest version with the latest info and deals. You can download the page to PC's also.

To open the MISASA Quick Link and Deal Finder Communicator please click on the button below to go to
The MISASA ONLINE EXPO is not restricted to MISASA members nor to only WSM, CCM and LSA aircraft.
Our showcase held at Tedderfield for 2 years and for 2 years at Kitty Hawk proved the point.
Showcase days for pilots by pilots are best when they offer all that is relevant to aviation in general.
We represent the largest sub-section of the Aero Club and as such we have the critical mass to get events off the ground. This said we welcome the participation of other sub-sections of the aeroclub and we will customise communicators for them with their own branding.
In summary, you list on the directory. We then link the relevant listed entities with the eAfrica Communicator to create an online aviation expo. Users download and bookmark the MISASA Quick Link & Deal Finder Communicator.
As more users use the communicator so will our collective buying power ensure better deals for all and transaction volumes for suppliers.
You need to get listed. Free listings are available at For new listings start by filling in the form at You must have a different e-mail address for each listing that you create. Remember to Submit the form when you are done. You must not have spaces in the username and you cannot use special characters eg Bob's Aircraft Factory will not be accepted. It has spaces and it has an apostrophe. BobsAircraftFactory is ok as a username. When submitted you will be sent a confirmation e-mail to verify your e-mail address. Once you have responded to the e-mail your listing will be live.
If you want to login and edit or upgrade your listing you must do this on the home page of the eGauteng Directory.
You can login and access the ADMIN panel (Member's Portal) for your listing at
On the landing page scroll down to the login box pictured on the left.
Your login Email Address is: [the e-mail address that you used to create the listing] and your Password is: [the password that you used to create the listing]. You can see your listing at it's [url] that you can find by browsing by category or by searching for a keyword. is a business directory that hosts and sponsors our listings.
eGauteng gets on average over 20,000 hits a day and so your listings will enjoy this opportunity to be found by the public and in addition MISASA maintains a Bookmarked Webpage called the MISASA COMMUNICATOR that is a contact list with quick links to these listings and it has quick links to DEALS that you may place on your listings. 
Taken as a whole all the listings are referred to as the MISASA ONLINE EXPO that is promoted by the MISASA COMMUNICATOR.
LISTING is free and is open to all members of the AERO CLUB. Business owners who are MISASA members receive a sponsored listing upgrade valued at R2,700 pa. Businesses that require build assistance can e-mail for a quote from eAfrica.
You can however, easily build and maintain your own listing at no charge. Your job is to offer exciting DEALS and our job is to promote the EXPO Contact List to our members.
After you login select the Member's Portal option to go to the Administration Panel. On the right are listed all the build options. Select any of the options and you will find a "How To Tips" section at the foot of each page. If you want to be listed but do not have the time to build your listing then please e-mail and request a build quote.
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