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Introduction to Coupons & Vouchers

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Pictured below, you will find a video titled "Free Memorable Moment Marketing; Vouchers & Coupons" it is a video offering our services to those offering memorable moment experiences. Memorable moments such as dining out with friends and family should be shared as should the the planning for a future opportunity for one.
Our voucher and coupon campaigns build customer loyalty to your brand. When exceptional service delivery is coupled with "one click" social media sharing then "What's Good" can go viral. Going viral is the payback for taking the time to present a memorable evening, tasty stews, sizzling steaks, gourmet desserts or finger licking snacks.
Please do not hesitate to conduct us should you have any questions or if you believe that we should be working together..
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Video Transcription

  • Hello, I’m Alan Mackenzie the CEO of Webo. Webo Vouchers is one of six Webo Divisions and it specialises in the management of discount coupons and pre-paid vouchers.
  • I am going to begin by telling you what you know to be true…. Facebook is a global success story.
  • Bob’s story was not. He believed that he did not have the time for social media and blogging. He had not realised that it was about listening to gather feedback and about growing relationships.  Bob did not realise that happy customers would spread the word if he gave them an easy way to do so.
  • Times have changed. Bob persuaded his daughter, Sally, to join him, as a partner, in his restaurant.
  • By way of getting you to understand what we do, allow me to compare our information exchanges to what Facebook so successfully does.  The Facebook Mantra is > Connect, Look and Chat.
  • CONNECT > Facebook offers tap and swipe functionality to connect and so do we. You can connect with us by tapping the bookmark button on our App then tap on a voucher, coupon, menu, newsletter,etc., to open the detailed view page in your voucher site.
  • Our Bookmark Button App is browser driven, so all you need to do is open the page and ADD TO HOME SCREEN. The process is similar on iPhones or iPads and Android Phones & Tablets. 
  • LOOK > It’s about getting to see the detail. Note that the APP and STORE are branded in the name of the Restaurant. We establish and market loyalty programmes in your name.
  • CHAT > We link to our blog, and we offer SHARE links from voucher and coupon pages to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you are on a phone handset  you can also connect to WhatsApp. When logged into your preferred social media page CLICK THE LINK and share it with your friends on Facebook or with Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections. Two beers and 10 Pretzels could just be the thing to get the office social club fired up for an event at Bob and Sally’s.
  • Please note the links on our blog pages to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Photo Albums. These albums are instantly updated when you add photos to your social media pages. On our blog, you can select a radio button and browse through the photos.
  • We offer a managed 4 Channel Marketing Campaign. This makes us unique. Many companies market coupons as do we but we do so in your name. It builds your brand and your relationship with your community.
  • The marketing channels that we address include
    • 1. An online shop to sell vouchers and coupons.
    •  2. An APP to CONNECT from a subscriber's phone home screen or PC’s
    • 3. A Blog and e-mail campaign to get the conversation growing and
    • 4. A choice of one or all of a  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.
  • Our pre-paid and pre-booked voucher categories include an Event, perhaps a dinner dance evening, A Chef’s Special, perhaps a Portuguese seafood evening and two discounted meal categories. Pre-Paid Vouchers consolidate customer dining and allow you to anticipate production requirements.
  • Our buy one get one free , etc., coupons relate to specials that are featured on your button bookmark app on the phones of your subscribers and your in-house specials board or menu. Coupons offer one special free with one, two or three purchased specials. Customers can check the specials on the App or arrive unannounced to view them on your specials board. Booking for coupon deals is not required.
  • Let me pose the question; What do we do for you? In summary:
    • We meet,
    • We listen,
    • We suggest alternatives,
    • We build & market to your subscribers,
    • We monitor & do the admin,
    • We suggest market reach booster alternatives and
    • We implement and manage.
  • I will now run you through what you can expect if you buy a coupon online as an unregistered buyer and then as a logged in registered buyer.
  • You only need register once, and after that you can log in to buy at any stage.
  • When on a detailed pre-paid voucher or discount coupon view page on the site select ADD TO BASKET. This will open an order panel where you can add the quantity that is required. You can continue shopping and go to other voucher and coupon pages where you can also “ADD TO BASKET”. When you are done shopping, select the checkout option.
  • As an unregistered buyer, this will open a registration page. We need you to register so that we know who you are. When you submit the information required you will be sent a verification e-mail to check your e-mail address. When confirmed you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with your username and password. Please use these details to log in. Note that you log in with your e-mail address and your password.
  • If you are registered, then please log in and follow the process I have just outlined. You will be offered a variety of payment options. Payment by Credit Card, Paypal and by pre-purchased Gift Voucher Number will upon submission offer you the option of downloading the printable voucher or coupon. Payment by direct deposit at a bank or by EFT will result in you being e-mailed a proforma invoice with banking details on it. Upon clearance of the payment receipt, you will be e-mailed a download link to obtain a printable document that explains the online, on phone redemption process or an alternative process where this is required by the seller (e.g., a restaurant, vendor, merchant or supplier) as the case may be. Seller's can log in on phones or PC's to view coupon or voucher sales. A separate video will illustrate the on phone coupon redemption process, and give the buyer a tour of his or her account.
  • Coupon redemption dates can be setup to exclude dates such as holiday periods, public holidays etc. The on App can also be used to communicate availability periods.
  • In summary, we sell vouchers and coupons on behalf of restaurants and others from online specialist sites that we build, maintain and manage.
  • Coupon marketing rewards DINERS and grows conversations that share good news on “WHAT’S GOOD”.
  • We would appreciate your feedback.
  • Thank you for your time.
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