Welcome to the Webo WhatsGood Communicator
  • Neighbourhood Communicators link users to WhatsGood in the Hood!
    • ​We market online Deals, Classifieds, Handyman and Side Hustle Marketplaces under the GOLOCAL (www.LOCO.MARKETS) banner. You will find a listing of currently available marketplaces here.
    • Generically, there are two types of marketplaces: Neighbourhood "Home Zone" Local Markets that service local communities (e.g. see http://www.webo.directory/JoziNorth/) and Niche or Nook Markets that service like-minded hobbyists, etc., much akin to an online Tradeshow Marketplace for the Arts (e.g. see the Arts Biz Finder at www.arts.webo.directory).
    • To find info, we have styled a three-tier category search enabler (Search by Category, Sub-Category, then Micro-Category) within Biz Finders, Deals Finders, Classifieds Finders, Handyman Finders and Side Hustle Finders that offer Free Adverts and paid Upgrades that are promoted via collective and network marketing campaigns.
    • The WhatsGood Division offers full-time business opportunities or part-time side hustles to work-from-home entrepreneurs. Read more at www.webo.directory/MMO/
    • Please contact us if you are interested in a Webo WhatsGood Agency for a specific location or niche marketplace.
    • Watch a one-minute video on the WhatsGood two-step kick-start strategy to Marketplace Marketing.
  • Tradeshow Communicators link users to WhatsGood on the show.
  • In summary, our WhatsGood Communicators (Pocket Advisors) are handy communicators linking users to information.
​The WhatsGood Communicator is one of 4 Webo Communicators that can be linked to defined destinations. The WhatsGood Neighbourhood Communicators are often linked to Reputation & Referral Marketing Communicators.
WhatsGood Marketing
WhatsGood Contact Lists integrated with Reputation & Referral Marketing
Promoted by Webo's 4 Digital Marketing Channels 
1. Host a Coupon Loyalty & Referral Marketing Campaign on a LPM Communicator strategised to Double Turnover in Half the Time. Research and host relevant rewards for writing rewards and for sharing. Promote these on Websites, Blogs and by rewarding sharing reviews and coupons, specials and deals on Communicators.
2. Host Quick Links from WhatsGood Contact Lists to the Coupon Rewards on the LPM Communicator. Contact Lists for Phones need no introduction. If the list is good it will be shared. Shared lists with links back to one-click Coupons, Specials and Deals will broaden your social network audience.

It's about
the process
of spreading the
word via the social
sharing of Information Communicators aka Pocket Advisors.


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