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Alan Mackenzie
Webo CEO,
066 307 1938
Reward Programme

We specialise in:  Coupon, Loyalty and Referral Programme Marketing Systems ,  Collective Marketing  and in  Performance enhancement Programmes.
We are digital marketing strategists that coach implementation strategies
around the SaaS packages that we offer. 
We created the layered digital marketing strategy we call Hamburger Marketing and we coach the implementation thereof to Double Turnover in Half the Time with the use of our LPM Communicator App.
See our LPM in action in the following Demo Communicator Apps.
Loyalty Programme Marketing 
Our LPM integrates Coupon, Loyalty and Referral Marketing on a Communicator App and it promotes the App along a tried and test Roadmap that employs our 4 Channel Marketing system. We are not a coupon vendor. When you contract with a coupon vendor to expand your reach into the marketplace you generally need to offer a 50% discount (two for one offer) and you pay the vendor a 25% marketing fee. Thus, you get 25% after you have reached a sales target; it could be months later. When a customer hands you a coupon and you meet the BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) offer you get a coupon and they get the deal. Here's the problem; you never get to know who they are! Will they come back for normal prices? Are they loyal  customers?  Do you not need to market your sustainable value instead of hoping that "you are cheap" will be forgotten?
There is a better way.  Own your brand and get your loyal customers to grow your business. This is how we are different. We build you a loyalty programme that we market to your customers. We will find the value that your customers want to share with their friends and in sharing the value your business will grow. Scroll down and sign up - we will contact you about getting your business growing.
Collective Marketing  
You know that big business has an advantage; they have more customers, more market reach and a bigger budget. Why be alone on the internet? Chat to us about setting up a collective marketing chapter. One more time, ask yourself; why be alone on the internet? Together, you are a big business with more reach, more customers and a bigger budget! A classic collective marketing opportunity is the collective promotion of stores and vendors at Shopping Malls and Informal Markets. See the Demo App in the Shopping Centre tab. Chat to us about setting up a collective marketing chapter in your neighbourhood. Scroll down and sign up - we will contact you about getting your business growing. Think about it; are ten SME businesses not a big business?
Customer Loyalty Programmes evolved from Frequent Flyer Miles, Hotel Bednights, Customer Frequency Punch Cards and more. An alternative approach to sales growth saw third party coupon vendors offering deeply discounted coupons which left little for the vendor. At the core, these tactics offered questionable customer loyalty.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was the term given to systems, in the early days of the internet, that had the goal of improving business relationships, customer retention and promoting sales growth.
With the viral growth of social media the way people interact with friends and business colleagues moved online. Given the power and reach of social media it offered an affordable platform for communication, that before, was the vision for very costly CRM systems.
We have taken affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to the next level for SME's by optimising for phones to easily and quickly interface with social media to enable a unique Loyalty Programme Marketing environment that manages entry tickets, coupons, vouchers, reviews, #hashtag marketing, polls and surveys and much, much more. What sets us apart is that the LPM manages the delivery of coupons, vouchers, tickets, etc and it automates social sharing and two-way benefit sharing.
Call centre interfaces with customers have moved to customers interfacing with each other. CRM was always meant to be social; it has just found a new playing field. This realigned customer-company interface has seen the focus move from Q&A surveys to conversations with companies and between customers. The new goal is to join customer conversations by offering customers benefits that they will be inclined to share.  
Loyalty Programmes that recognise that "Brand Loyalty" is as much about increased sales as it is about improved operations, products and services are likely to soon be fine-tuning their success story by aligning expectations, perspectives, understanding and levels of satisfaction.
Customers self-appointing themselves as "Brand Ambassadors" eventuates if they are enabled to do so by being given something of value to share within an environment where it is simple and easy to do so. The influence of a satisfied customer upon another, a friend or business aquaintence is an extremely convincing grass-roots brand endorsement. When this becomes a broad based social media conversation, with transparency and consensus of opinion, the power of social media is realised to close a viral sales loop.
The Problem & Our Solution
The Problem
Playing the Game of SEO stacks you against the 1.3 billion websites (and counting) out there. If you are not up to meeting the challenges of keyword ranking, backlink building and more your site will be buried and it will not be found without a stash of cash!
Think of it as a telephone book that is not in alphabetic order and where the entries are arranged by keyword like in the Yellow Pages. It’s not complex but it is hopelessly overloaded. Search for anything and you are likely to get thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of search results. Absolutely, you can pay to get seen. All it takes is a budget; do you have one?
There is another way
Reputations and referrals have always grown businesses. Your customers are on the internet and so too are their crowd of friends and business connections. Online reviews grow reputations, sharing grows awareness and referrals with recommendations grows businesses. It’s about your customers sending your contact details to their friends with a recommendation. Thus the friends and business acquaintances of your customers join your community and they will know you as they will have your contact details and online search will not be needed. On average, people on Facebook have over 300 friends. If, on average, only one referral per customer takes up the referral, then your business will double and it will do so in half the time.
Lets us show you how.
Much of the Video below is drawn from the Restaurants Demo Site
(Sallys Seafood Restaurant) at: www.Restaurants.Webo.Directory
Please be clear that customers growing your business is a completely different ballgame to discounting with Groupon styled coupons.

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